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HOWO A7 420HP used dump truck for sale

HOWO A7 420HP used dump truck is a premium product at an affordable price. It can adapt to many heavy duty applications, such as mining, road construction, collecting waste, transport and many more. Therefore, HOWO A7 420HP used dump truck is one of the hot-selling product of Sinotruk HOWO.

HOWO A7 420HP Used Dump Truck Guide

HOWO A7 420HP used dump truck

HOWO A7 420HP used dump truck is a product of HOWO brand, and it is one grade higher than the 400HP used dump truck. The tractor unit uses the 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, 18.5-litre and 420HP engine, which adopts DAF technology, and develops a maximum torque of 1,674N·m. It runs on 16×8.00-20 tyres with 3 bogie axles (in 2 pairs). The interaxle distance can be adjusted from 2.45 to 2.8m, and the overall height can be lowered to 1.65m by adjusting interaxle spacing and extending front axle length. Its load condition is T240, K160 and L180 (K=tipping capacity).

Advantages of HOWO A7 420HP Used Dump Truck

HOWO A7 420HP mining dump truck adopts EURO 4 emission standard, which is more strict than Euro 3. Many countries and areas don’t allow Euro 3 truck to run. So when you buy a used dump truck, Euro 4 is a better choice. The engine adopts advanced multi-cylinder OM936LA 4-cycle diesel engine, high power output (420HP), low ash content in the fuel system and pollution control system to help achieve environmental protection.

Adopting 6×4 driving mode, HOWO A7 420HP used dump truck has wider application range, stronger rear axle driving force and bearing capacity, can resist heavy work. Even in harsh working conditions, it will keep the excellent capability.

Improve your driving safety with the colored dump truck, which has a large tailgate and integrated headlights. It is equipped with fog lights below that are very practical and can be used at night.

With the HOWO dump truck,you can get in and out of the cab without any difficulty especially for tall people. The cab of this dump truck is the same as that of Volvo,you will find it very comfortable for driving. The seats are comfortable for the driver while driving,and the sight line is good for tall people.

The HOWO A7 420HP used dump truck is equipped with Sinotruk D12.42-40 engine, a diesel engine that has a 6 cylinders with turbocharger and displacement of 11.596L, power of 309kW at 2000rpm, torque is 1820 Nm.

This dump truck is suit for the construction site, it can help to transport sand and other material. The capacity is about 17m3, which can load more than 28 tons of sand. It is powerful with 420HP engine and 5.8-metre cargo box.

This dump truck adopts Sinotruk HW19710T gearbox, which consists of 10 forward gears and 2 reverse gears. This heavy duty gearbox allows it to drive safely on the road and even help you drive on slopes or rough roads.

HOWO A7 420HP used dump truck is mainly equipped with 12.00R20 tyres. The whole dump truck has 10 wheels, so we also call it the 10-wheel dump truck. HOWO A7 420HP used dump truck with 10 wheel drive, powerful engine and reasonable price is satisfied for most customers’ application.

HOWO A7 420HP used 3 axle dump truck is powerful and performs well in every aspect, so it can be used as a much truck or in mining engineering. It runs smoothly on the road and can reach 60km/h on highways.

how to buy

dump truck for sale

dump truck for sale

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What is the capacity of a HOWO A7 420HP used dump truck

 dump truck capacity

 dump truck capacity

The HOWO A7 420HP used dump truck has a payload capacity of 20 tons, which is enough for most operations. The reason for this is that an empty HOWO A7 420HP weighs about 59 tons and the total weight of material you can carry is less than 60 tons. If you need to transport materials heavier than that, you should consider buying a different truck.

In addition to its payload capacity, this model also has a maximum reachable height that ranges from 5 meters to 6 meters depending on how much material you want to load into it. This means that it will be able to reach areas with tall containers without having any problems!

What can you haul with a HOWO A7 420HP used dump truck

How much payload you can haul with a HOWO A7 420HP ten wheel dump truck depends on how much weight it can carry. The payload capacity is the maximum weight that the vehicle can carry, which is usually less than the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). For example, if a dump truck has a payload capacity of 10 tons and a GVWR of 20 tons, it would be able to haul up to 10 tons of material if unloaded or up to 20 tons when fully loaded.

How much does a HOWO A7 420HP used dump truck cost?

dump truck price

dump truck price

The A7 420HP model is a high capacity dump truck, which means it can hold more material than other types of trucks. This makes the truck more expensive to buy and operate because it requires more fuel, as well as increased maintenance costs. In addition to these expenses, you also need to pay for insurance and registration fees.

The average cost of an HOWO A7 420HP used dump truck ranges between $100,000 and $150,000 depending on its condition and how much work was done by the previous owner before selling it. For example: if your friend bought this type of vehicle but never used it because he didn’t have any business so he sold it after buying it from another company then chances are that he will sell his truck at a lower price than what’s listed here; however if someone else had purchased this machine before using it for few months then chances are that they might be willing sell their HOWO A7 420HP used dump truck at higher prices based on current market conditions.

How to choose a best HOWO A7 420HP used dump truck?

When you are looking for a HOWO A7 420HP used 4 axle dump truck, there are a few things that you should look into.

  • The first thing to consider is what features do you need in your HOWO A7 420HP used dump truck? Do you need one with air conditioning or not? If so, then make sure it has air conditioning. Also, think about how much work the truck is going to be doing and what type of terrain it will be going over. If the truck will be driving through rough terrains all the time then maybe some heavy duty tires would be better than regular ones.

  • Next, look at the pros and cons of purchasing a HOWO A7 420HP used dump truck from us versus someone else or buying new instead of secondhand ones such as: Pros: You save money on these trucks since they’re pre-owned so there’s no waiting time before getting started on your project; Cons: may not come with warranty like new ones do but this isn’t always true because some sellers offer extended warranties too! However depending on how much wear-and-tear has been done by previous owners could mean repairs down road which could cost more than buying new.”

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It can be said that the Howo A7 dump truck is a powerful used dump truck. In fact, 420HP is the maximum horsepower of this dump truck. If you are looking for a powerful used dump truck, it might be one of your options. Friends who are interested in this truck, welcome to contact us!If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:+0086 157-1386-6881 or [email protected]!