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Mining Dump Truck Guide

We all know that the mining dump truck is a trusted workhorse, but do you really know what goes into their construction? Here’s a rundown of some basic information you should know about these heavy machines.


mining dump truck size

Mining Dump Truck

  • Front Axle Capacity

The front axle capacity is measured in tons and represents how much the front axle can carry. This number can be misleading, however, as it does not represent the total load capacity of a vehicle. The front axle’s weight must be split up between its two wheels. For example, if a dump truck has 9-ton capacity on each wheel and you were to fill it with gravel, your overall capacity would only be 17 tons (9 + 9).

  • Rear Axle Capacity

Rear axle capacities are also measured in tons like front axles but they use an average between them for an overall measurement of weight that can safely be carried by all four wheels together.

  • Wheelbase: One of the most important factors when measuring dump trucks is their wheelbase—the distance between the centerline of their tandem axles when viewed from above; longer wheelbases provide better stability at higher speeds but require more space for turning corners.* Length: To determine how big a mining dump truck needs to be relative to its payload capacity (in short, whether or not it needs any special features), measure the length and width of your load first before comparing them with those listed below; remember that most mines have limited space where they work so keep this fact in mind when shopping around! Also keep in mind that if you will need extra room later down line then invest now without hesitation because there’s nothing worse than buying something too small only after realizing there was room for growth!

mining dump truck weight

 mining dump truck weight

Mining dump trucks are used in mining operations to transport materials from the mine to the processing plant. They are also used for transporting ore from the processing plant to the railhead or road. Dump trucks have a large front wheel and several smaller rear wheels. The large front wheel is used for turning in tight spaces, such as when backing up in a mine shaft.

The size of a dump truck is determined by its gross vehicle weight (GVWR). The GVWR is the maximum loaded weight of a vehicle, including cargo, passengers and operator weight. The GVWR is measured without exceeding any state or federal legal limits on axle weights or widths.

For example, if you have an 8-foot wide dump truck with an 18-foot box and eight axles (4 axles per side), your GVWR would be 180,000 pounds (8 foot x 12 foot x 8 feet x 4 axles = 240 cubic feet x 180 pounds per cubic foot = 72,000 pounds).

mining dump truck price

The price of a mining used dump truck can vary depending on the size, weight and features. The price of a mining dump truck is not the same as the price of a construction dump truck. The cost of an average mining dump truck ranges from $100,000 up to $500,000 USD.

Mining dump trucks are used for transporting material in mines and quarries. They can transport large quantities of material quickly and efficiently through rough terrain with their powerful engines, wide rear axles and multiple tires.

They are available in sizes ranging from 15 to 55 cubic yards (11 to 37 m³).

How a Mining Dump Truck works?

Mining Dump Truck

Mining Engineering dump trucks, or ore haulers are the most important component of a mine. They are designed to transport large loads of rock and ore to surface over rough terrain with minimal damage to their load. Mining dump trucks are usually front-end loaders (FELs), which means that they carry material in a container on the front. This allows them to carry a lot more material at once than a rear-end loader (REL) would be able to do.

Mining dump trucks come in many different sizes; depending on what you need for your project there is one out there for you! Each type of machine has its own specifications that make it unique from others. In this article we will go over each part as well as some things you should consider when buying one for yourself!

What life expectancy of a Mining Dump Truck?

mining dump truck size

mining dump truck life

The life expectancy of a mining dump truck is around 40 years. A mining dump truck’s life expectancy is determined by several factors, including the type of mining and terrain it is used in.

The engine used in the mining dump truck will also influence its service life, as well as the driver. The engine can be replaced at any point during the vehicle’s lifetime, although this may not necessarily be cost effective if it has not reached its full potential yet (i.e., it still has plenty of time left).

How to choose a best Mining Dump Truck?

mining dump truck for sale

mining dump truck for sale

  • Brand

  • Safety features

  • Engine

  • Size & Weight Capacity

  • Durability: Things to look for in a mining dump truck include the following:

  • The size of the engine. The larger, more powerful engines are more durable and can keep on moving when faced with obstacles such as rocks or mudholes. A smaller size engine might stop when faced with these obstacles, which could result in damage to your vehicle or injury to yourself or others nearby. If you’re going off-road, it’s important that you have a strong enough engine so that your machine can handle rougher terrain without having issues getting through it all safely! What kind of material does this model come equipped with? How long will it last before needing repairs? These questions need answers before making any final decisions about what kind of dump truck fits within your budget (and meets all other requirements). It’s also possible for some models’ parts/components


The market for dump truck manufacturers is expanding, not just in China but also worldwide. It’s important to know that all vehicles are unique, so your best bet is to dig deeper into what each manufacturer has to offer.If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:+0086 157-1386-6881 or [email protected]!