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shacman tipper trucks for sale in 2022

Shacman is a Chinese brand that offers a wide selection of heavy-duty vehicles. If you are looking for a reliable tipper truck, this might be the right option.

shacman tipper truck

shacman tipper truck

What is a shacman tipper truck?

Shacman tipper trucks are used for transporting materials, such as waste, construction materials and mining products. They are also used in agriculture and waste management.

What is the capacity of a shacman tipper truck?

The capacity of a shacman tipper truck is measured in tonnes. The maximum weight that can be carried by a tipper truck is called the permissible axle group mass, or PAGM. This is the total weight of all vehicle components (including wheels, axles and suspension) that are not part of the engine or transmission system, including tyres and brakes.

The maximum load it can carry can vary depending on two factors: whether you’re driving with front-wheel or rear-wheel drive; and whether you’re using a nose-tipping bucket or tilt chassis. For example:

  • Rear wheel drive – 35 tonne PAGM
  • Front wheel drive – 40 tonne PAGM

What life expectancy of a shacman tipper truck?

The life expectancy of a shacman tipper truck is 15 years. A shacman tipper truck can be used in many different applications and industries, including construction and mine sites.

Shacman Tippers are built to be robust and durable. They are designed to last, with their tough frames capable of handling your weighty loads without trouble or wear-and-tear on their components. This means that you don’t have to worry about replacing them any time soon!

How to choose the best shacman tipper trucks?

  • The engine should be strong and reliable.
  • The transmission should be smooth, with no rough spots or abrupt shifts.
  • The cab should feel comfortable and secure, both when you’re inside and when you’re driving it.
  • The suspension system should be capable of handling heavy loads without bouncing or bottoming out on rough terrain.

How much does a shacman tipper truck cost?

The cost of a Shacman dump truck varies depending on the model. The smaller units start around $70,000 and go up from there; larger models are more expensive. Depending on where you live, you may also be required to pay extra for licensing or registration fees. In Australia and Canada, for example, these costs can range from $500-1000 per year depending on the size of your vehicle and where you live.


In conclusion, shacman tipper trucks are a great option for anyone who needs to ship or haul large loads of material. They offer increased safety and efficiency compared to other types of vehicles in their class. Shacman’s T2 range is especially popular among construction companies because it offers low maintenance costs and high payload capacities that can handle all kinds of jobsite materials like bricks or sandbags without any problems whatsoever!