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Truck Guide:Tipper Truck

A tipper truck is a vehicle that has two large box trailers, one at the front and one at the back. The front trailer is used for carrying your cargo, but it can also be used as a platform for loading and unloading. The rear trailer may have wheels, but most often it doesn’t. This allows you to tilt the back of your truck so that it empties into a pit or trench without having to lift anything up onto a conveyor belt or other piece of equipment.

What is another name for a tipper truck?

tipper truck another name


In the UK, a tipper truck is often called a dump truck. This is because it’s used to dump loads into other trucks or onto the ground. The other name is also used in Ireland and Australia.

The word tip comes from when dirt was dumped into pits to be covered up with earth. The word tipper started being used after World War II when motorized vehicles came into use for dumping dirt instead of having people shovel it by hand.

What does a tipper truck do?

Tipper Truck

Tipper trucks are used to load and unload materials, move materials between different locations, and transport materials. They are often used in construction when they need to move large amounts of material around quickly.

Tipper trucks can be driven by one or two people depending on the size of the tipper truck. The driver’s cab is located at the front of the vehicle with a seat facing backwards so that they can see out of their mirrors while driving forwards/backwards.

What are the different types of tipper trucks?

Tipper trucks of types

  • Tipper truck with hydraulic: This is the traditional tipper truck. The wheels are controlled by hydraulics and there is no motor involved.
  • Tipper truck with motor: This type of tipper truck has a motor that powers its operation, but it still uses the same lifting system as its hydraulic counterpart to raise the bed up and down.
  • Tipper truck with diesel engine: A diesel engine is used instead of hydraulics or electricity to operate this type of vehicle, which makes it less costly than some other models on the market today.
  • Three-axle dump truck: This three-axle dump truck has two axles under its front end and one axle under its rear end—and it’s usually found working in mines or construction environments where you need extra stability while carrying heavy loads over rough terrain (or both).
  • Four-axle dump truck: As you might expect from its name, this four-axle dump truck has four wheels under each side of its bed—which means better traction when driving over rough surfaces like dirt roads or icy roads during winter months!

What is the difference between tipper and dumper?

tipper and dumper

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the terms tipper and dumper. The difference between them is pretty clear-cut, but it’s one that you should understand before you make any purchasing decisions.

Tipper trucks

Tipper trucks are most commonly used for lifting and dumping tasks. Their hoppers are capable of holding large amounts of material, allowing you to move larger volumes than would be possible with a standard dump truck.

Dumper trucks

Dumper trucks on the other hand are used purely for unloading; they do not have any lifting capability at all. This makes them particularly useful for jobs where you need to dispose of waste or materials in one location without moving them anywhere else.

How long can a tipper truck last?

tipper truck life

The lifespan of a tipper truck depends on how well it is maintained. The longer the vehicle lasts, the better it will be for your business, as you won’t have to replace it or go through any downtime while waiting for repairs.

As with all 10 wheeler dump truck, regular maintenance is critical to keeping your tipper truck in top condition and helping it last longer than average. Tippers require regular oil changes and other routine checks by trained technicians who know what to look for when inspecting them. If these inspections are not up-to-date, problems can develop that could lead to breakdowns later on down the road.

To ensure that your tipper truck lasts as long as possible:

  • Have routine maintenance done regularly by qualified mechanics
  • Avoid driving over tough terrain where possible (such as rocky roads)

Which tipper truck is the best?

best tipper truck

The best tipper truck for you is one that meets your needs. Tippers come in a range of shapes and sizes, from smaller single axle ‘pods’ to the large high quality tandem dump truck. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type, so you need to decide what is most suitable for your requirements.

Euro 4 SINOTRUK HOHAN N5G Dump Truck

Euro 4 SINOTRUK HOHAN N5G Dump Truck

The Euro 4 SINOTRUK HOHAN N5G Dump Truck has all the features of an off-road construction heavy duty dump truck:

  • Hydraulic tipping with manual or automatic control, or fully remote controlled tipping by joystick control unit;
  • Robustness and reliability thanks to high quality components such as front axle (HCP), rear axle (HCP) and engine (Z Engine);
  • The Euro 4 SINOTRUK HOHAN N5G Dump Truck offers plenty of versatility with its 3 variants: short wheelbase semi trailer, long wheelbase semi trailer and low bed semi trailer allowing it to be used on almost any site around the country regardless of terrain conditions.

What is the price of tipper truck?

tipper truck price

The price of a tipper truck is not a good indicator of its quality. A very expensive tipper truck is not necessarily better than an affordable one. The same applies to trucks under $100k, which are often as reliable as more expensive ones.

The cost of the best side dump truck will depend on many factors such as brand, model, engine size and features. The more features and horsepower you get with your truck the higher its price will be. Trucks with diesel engines cost more than those with petrol engines because they are more efficient at carrying heavy loads over long distances without using much fuel (don’t forget to factor in maintenance costs).

How to buy a tipper truck?

buy a tipper truck

There are two ways to buy a tipper truck: online or from a dealer. Buying from a dealer is more expensive, but it also gives you the chance to see and test drive the truck before buying.

If you go through we, then you can be sure that your tipper truck will be buy at the right price with no hidden charges or fees.


We’ve covered a lot of topics in this truck guide, but I hope it has helped you to understand tipper trucks better. If you have any questions or feedback to share with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We love hearing from our readers!