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Company Profiles

TalenetGroup was founded in 2017. The company is located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, which is known as my country’sRailway Heart.Group company. At present, the company has cooperated with the e-commerce industry incubation base in Henan Province to jointly create an online and offline operation model based onInternet +”, escorting more comprehensive services to customers at home and abroad.

Global Sharing Made in Talenet

Mit einem voll funktionsfähigen Labor, zwei Fabrikationsbereiche, und eine Produktionsfläche von 120,000 Quadratmeter, Talent Tech kann von R&D Design bis zur Massenproduktion schnell und effizient.

259 Professional Tests

Complete testing process Complete vehicle condition inspection before transaction

Professional Appraiser Team

Pre-job training Evaluaation Rich experience

One-To-One Professional Consultants

The online consulting platform is open all year round, equipped with one-to-one professional consultants.